Company Philosophy

Our Core Operating Philosophy at EAG Inc. has always been that resource development projects can be advanced and operated in a sustainable manner that both protects the environment to meet all legislative requirements and benefits the shareholders of the company and thus the economy. 

This comes from an experienced and knowledgeable staff of Senior Scientist and Permitting Specialists that understand the scope and nature of the biophysical data that must be collected, analyzed and interpreted to underpin environmental protection measures and mitigation practices to be implemented through all phases of the project. 

Message From Our President

President/Senior Environmental Scientist, Giovanni (John) Sferrazza:

“We operate in a very pragmatic way in everything we do; we understand and are sensitive to the needs of the environmental regulatory authorities in the jurisdictions in which we work, and also understand that these efforts can and must go hand in hand with the economic viability of the project so that the company and shareholder value is benefited. 

Both of these goals can be achieved, it’s just a matter of doing the good science at the front end so that development, operation, and closure of the project can be achieved without harm to the environment.”